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Output All PHP Session Variables

A big problem when using session variables is not knowing if the have been set correctly. This function outputs all the current session variables - allowing you to troubleshoot your app more effectively. You should get output similar to this:

Key font has the value of: 1
Key menuFont has the value of: 12
Key width has the value of: 142
Key lineHeight has the value of: 1.3
Key ih has the value of: 20
Key iw has the value of: 20

How to do it:

Simply add this code where you want to check your variables.

if (!isset($_SESSION)) {
while ($var = each($_SESSION)) {  
printf ("Key <b>%s</b> has the value of: <b>%s</b><br>", $var['key'], $var['value']);  


If, at any time, you need to remove a session variable completely, you can use unset as follows:


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